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kuhli loach

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  1. Fish
    Hello, I am new here and while I have kept fish (African cichlids) in aquariums in the past I was hoping to start a new project, a paludarium. I have done some research on them and I am hoping to keep one that is relatively self sustaining, for example I was hoping to keep the prey for the...
  2. Fish
    I'm getting a 29 gallon today and I need advice on stocking! I know I want dwarf puffers (pea puffers?) and Kuhli Loaches. I was also thinking about having some shrimp and/or snails. Does anyone have any advice on these? Thank you!
  3. Tank Journals
    Well I am the proud new owner of a 11.33 gallon, High Clarity Low Iron, Glass Cube. Dimensions: 13.78" x 13.78" x 13.78" For the stand I found an old speaker at Good Will ($6) and the fit is nearly seamless. So I gutted the inside and turned it into a storage cabinet. So now I'm trying to...
  4. Fish
    Hello all, I want to warn everyone about Hikari sinking wafers. Both the shrimp and algae wafers seem to be killing my kuhli loaches. I have tested this several times. If I feed the wafers, I will find dead Kuhlis the next day. Sometimes several. I didn't realize it at first, so I started...
  5. Fish
    This is geared towards Kuhli loach owners--would you say that this fish swims, or rather behaves more serpentine (as in snake like) or more eel like/fish-like ? When I watch my loaches they remind me of snakes, in the "S' like movements they make and in the way they contort their backs and swim.
  6. Fish
    Hi, I've had 3 kuhli loaches living happily in my 55gal for the past 5-6 months. In the past few days they seem to be spasming, and unable to swim properly. They lie together at the bottom of the tank contorting their poor little bodies around on the substrate, sometimes on their backs...
  7. Fish
    I have 5 kuhli loaches in my 55 gallon. There is one prime spot that they all enjoy cuddling in until recently I have noticed that one of them has been forsaken and instead spends all its time in the corner of the tank, just sitting there doing nothing. Does anybody have any reason that this...
  8. Fish
    True or False? Cherry Barbs can make a shy group of Kuhli Loaches feel more secure in the aquarium, group being 6+ specimens. Have you ever heard of Kuhli Loaches feeling more secure if there are Cherry Barbs in the tank with them? I ran across this once researching Kuhli Loach care, noted it...
  9. Fish
    I have had kuhli loaches with smooth natural gravel substrate, but now that I have been changing my substrate to Eco-Complete planted substrate, I am thinking maybe Kuhli loaches would not fair well with this stuff much like dwarf cordydoras. Will their barbels wear off sifting in this stuff or...
  10. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have been trying to figure out why my kuhli loaches have been dying over the past several months. I think I got it... I do partial water changes weekly; Straight from tap, it's 7.2. In my tank it's 6.4. perhaps the difference in the tap pH vs the tank pH is stressing the poor things to death...
  11. Fish
    Are there any problems with keeping a Black Kuhli Loach with Ghost shrimp? I want to get some shrimp when my tank is planted but don't know if they will survive with my loach. Also what type of substrate is best for loaches because of their soft bellies? Sand?
1-11 of 11 Results