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  1. Fish
    My female and male Krib pair wasnt eating and hiding way to much for the first 2 and a half weeks. I saw some white stringy poop so I treated the tank with API General Cure. Next thing I know, lots of white stringy poop and white things look like they were coming out of my female Kribs head...
  2. New York
    arowana 5-6'', pair of kribs and 2 gbr for 100 bucks kribs are proven pair. willing to trade with t5ho fixture. i live in woodside and can be picked up in queens mall
  3. Fish
    They had 1 spawn and I have fry surviving still and just a few days ago they had another batch. Today I left and came back to find the female belly up with ripped fins and barely breathing. I quickly transferred her to my 5 gallon with a guppy to hopefully recover or RIP. any suggestions on...
1-3 of 3 Results