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  1. Fish
    So quick question has anyone else had their kribs lay eggs on the top of a plant? About a week ago we had fry in the tank but with the other fish and my kribs being first time parents they unfortunately all got ate. However my female just laid atleast another 30 eggs but this time they are on a...
  2. Tank Journals
    Someone has suggested I start a journal on my krib babies. I have had my kribs for a bout a week and now I have what seems to be roughly 50 babies! Mom and dad were already paired when I got them! also make sure to zoom in to to see them better!
  3. Fish
    My female and male Krib pair wasnt eating and hiding way to much for the first 2 and a half weeks. I saw some white stringy poop so I treated the tank with API General Cure. Next thing I know, lots of white stringy poop and white things look like they were coming out of my female Kribs head...
  4. New York
    arowana 5-6'', pair of kribs and 2 gbr for 100 bucks kribs are proven pair. willing to trade with t5ho fixture. i live in woodside and can be picked up in queens mall
  5. Fish
    They had 1 spawn and I have fry surviving still and just a few days ago they had another batch. Today I left and came back to find the female belly up with ripped fins and barely breathing. I quickly transferred her to my 5 gallon with a guppy to hopefully recover or RIP. any suggestions on...
1-5 of 5 Results