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  1. Substrate
    Hi everyone, I'm new here and I've been learning a lot reading over the past few months. I finally have most of what I want in/for my tank, and would like a quick bit of help verifying if my idea(s) is(are) sound. To save some cash on substrate I've purchased some organic potting soil, super...
  2. Substrate
    I looked in Petco and only found 1 brand that would suit mixing 50/50 with MGOCPM, but it has some kind of odor zapping ingredient. May be ammonia, but didn't say. Is this alright to use? Can you give me the brand name of a good one to use? Thanks.
  3. Tank Journals
    Specs: Tank: 80ish gallon rimless (outside dimensions are 86g, inside is 79. I say 80 ;) ) Substrate: organic potting mix, kitty litter, azomite, osmocote+, decomposed peat and sand mix, paver sand cap. Filtration: Fluval 404 Lighting: 2bulb T8 shop light Inhabitants: 2 BNP 4 angels 2 bolivian...
  4. Substrate
    OK, I've read enough threads on substrate to make my eyeballs bleed. Most of them end up talking about layering the substrate. My issue with layering my substrate is more one of clumsyness etc. I tend to move my plants around until I get them to just the "right" location to my liking, and in...
  5. Substrate
    So, I can't find any red clay to save my life, so I'm thinking either laterite or cat litter. I know that through the firing process, there must be some chemical change. Would gray clay cat littler, all natural made from earth clay, have any large benefit to plants, or would I cloud my water...
1-5 of 5 Results