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  1. Oregon
    Looking for a male Aphyosemion australe. I had a hierarchy 1M:3F and lost my male due to internal parasites. The tank has since been treated (I quarantine) and females are healthy, so they need a man! I figure this is a long shot but have to try. Will pick up anywhere in the PDX metro area...
  2. Pennsylvania
    I received word that the Keystone Killy Group will be meeting this coming Saturday, July 20th, starting at 1pm at the Warminster Petco. It's at 624 York Road at the corner of York and Street with the Sunoco and the Eagle Diner. The store phone # is 215-443-5225 if anyone has questions or needs...
  3. Tank Journals
    Hey everyone, here's some photos and info on the different tanks I keep. Some are for breeding, some are for show :D First up is my little 30cm tank. This has had a few past lives, but has now been a livebearer tank for over a year. It only gets minimal light and is unfiltered, relying on...
1-3 of 3 Results