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  1. Plants
    I've heard that anacharis will slow or stop the growth of algae in tanks. I was considering using some in my 10 gallon, but I also have quite a bit of subwassertang and fissidens. Will it damage my mosses?
  2. Fish
    I had a giant danio that had jumped up and hit the glass lid so hard that he broke his back. I did not have any kind of way to kill him quickly. I decided the quickest and easiest, as well as not to gross, way to kill it was to run him over with a car. Looking back on it kind of makes me laugh...
  3. Algae
    Hello, I am a new user. Have a 90 gallon with a Glo lighting system and a Rena X3 external. I have had it for years but right after setting it up originally I got brush/beard algea in a bad way. I tried everything...SAEs, algae treatments with carbon removed, CO2, dark, you name it. It remained...
1-3 of 3 Results