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  1. Equipment
    I thought I understood this chart but one point of confusion to me is that the PPM numbers for "too little CO2" in yellow can be very high, while the PPM numbers for "too much CO2" are very low. Is this chart accurate? Is this just how the chemistry works? I have a Seiryu rock in my tank...
  2. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    I've got a pretty high KH of 15 (London water). I know boiling tap water in kettles can be used to remove temporary carbonate hardness, and was wondering if it would be viable to mix boiled water and tap water together in an aquarium to reduce the Kh levels and soften the water a little?
  3. Planted Nano Tanks
    I have a 7.5 gal planted nano, it's just 2 weeks old. It's my first planted tank. I have used the walstad method to set it up (potting soil + sand as substrate and i have a lot of plants in it). Water Stats: PH 7.2 GH 7 KH 20 !!!! NO2 0.5 NO3 25 My tap water stats are: GH 7deg KH 6deg PH 7.6...
1-3 of 3 Results