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  1. Lighting
    Hello All, I am wondering what color temperatures are used to mimic sunrise and sunset. All I have been able to find is that sunrise tends to be a little lower, maybe 5500K? While full sunlight is around 6700K. Anyone have any experience manually inputting color varying color temps...
  2. Lighting
    I need a new pl-s lamp for my nano armature. The original Dennerle 11 watt tropical day lamp is very expensive but i found a much cheaper Philips branded pl-s light. The dennerle is 6000k The Philips is 4000k I know kelvin does not have say much about the ability to grow plants so i've...
  3. Lighting
    I have a Current USA freshwater LED PLUS fixture rated at 6500k. I have Java Fern, Anubias,Water Wisteria, and a red flame sword. They are all moderate light or lower and hardy plants. The question is , am I overdoing it with the 6500k ? What is 6500k considered? (Bright, moderate, low lit) I...
  4. Lighting
    I already own this. And I was wondering if this would grow plants of any kind? The Kelvin ratings pretty low and the Lumens aren't that great, so I assume the answer will be no or low light plants. Thoughts?
  5. Lighting
    hey everyone i was wondering if anyone has had any luck with this LED fixture? or if not could anyone suggest some alternatives
  6. Lighting
    Hi, Im using x4 T5 lighting with Kelvins of 14000K and Sylvania Gro-Lux 8500K. This is out of range isnt? I read 5500K-6500K midday sunlight thus the recommended range. Is it important to keep it within range? Are theses K's contributing to my poor results? (cuz i got EI and Co2 covered).
  7. Lighting
    Hello TPT'rs, I wanted to start a conversation about bulb spectrums. Here's a few things I've learned about lighting, in hopes that it might make things easier on someone starting out. Trying to figure out how much light I needed was the first roadblock I came to. Luckily I found this...
1-7 of 7 Results