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  1. Tank Journals
    After being inspired by all your jaw-dropping tanks on this forum i decided to start up a new tank. My goals for this tank are to setup a low-maintenance, low-tech tank for as cheap as possible, but still have something beautiful (The tank is going to be in my bedroom so it needs to look...
  2. Tank Journals
    Alright, so after having a 2.5 gallon tank and going through the hassle of cycling it (not done yet), I've decided to dive into a 6.6 gallon fishless cycle. I'm pretty new and might need some advice, so chime in, because it's always appreciated. First off, my water source base test using the...
  3. Lighting
    Sat+ Club - Do you own a Sat+ or like to learn more about one? This is the place for you! ***DISCLAIMER*** This is strictly a 'fan club,' I don't work for Current-USA and this club is not in any way affiliated with Current-USA.*** Welcome to the Sat+ Club! ALL are welcome! For those FW LED...
1-3 of 4 Results