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  1. Plants
    I'm running a 7g planted nano tank. I noticed this brown hair growing underneath one anubia leave - is this roots or what?
  2. California
    Christmas moss grown with co2 and nutrient, very thick and robust. I will hook you up, cheaper than online or anywhere else for that matter. Local pickup only. Christmas moss are hardy, easy to grow, almost no maintenance require. They will survive in just about any conditions. Baby shrimps and...
  3. Substrate
    I just received a bag of Fluval Stratum and realized that the bag I received was didn't contain enough substrate for a proper plant bedding. Before I spend $5.99 to return this bag for the bigger one, I wanted to ask if anyone had success with mixing Fluval Stratum with any other substrates. In...
  4. Plants
    Hi folks, I bought what was sold as Java Moss on Ebay but I'm not sure if it's actually Java Moss. Would someone mind taking a look at these pictures and tell me whether or not this is Java Moss? Also, I was going to make a moss wall with the moss by taking another one of those plastic...
  5. Tank Journals
    Last night stayed up unthinkably late in order to finish planting these guys. A huge thank you to for the hook up on the plants. They definitely over delivered with great healthy plants. Well here is the set up. 125g Tank Fluval Fx6 Canister Sera Flore Inline Reactor GLA Co2...
  6. Hawaii
    I have some spare Java Moss that needs a trimming. $5 Java Moss (baseball size) About 5 available. Willing to trade? lmk what you got. (8) Rasbora Lacrimula "teardrop rasbora" $10 for all (2) Siamese algae eaters $7 for both (3) 1m/2f Blue Delta Dragonscale Bettas $12 for all (2) Red female...
1-6 of 51 Results