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java moss balls
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    I have Christmas Moss and Java Moss. Will trade either one or both for Nymphoides aquaticus Taiwan, Cryptocorine aponogetifolia or some other small bulb aquarium plants. Will ship about apple size clump of moss. No money, package for package, not too far from Virginia. Other aquarium plants may...
    Hello everybody! I am looking to purchase the following plants in their regular, common sizes. This is my first planted aquarium, so please do not post outrageous prices for certain plants. NOTE: I do NOT want any plants to have snails, or to have been with snails, unless they are MTS. I am...
    Hello, everybody! I am looking to purchase the following items. If you have them for sale, keep in mind that I cannot make a purchase until tomorrow (Friday February 28, 2013). If you have pictures, they would be appreciated, but not necessary. If you have any questions, or have any of these...
1-3 of 3 Results