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java fern

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    So my Java fern is notorious for producing babys. My only concern is the roots that come off the plantlet are dark brown and often fuzzy. At this point, the roots are so long, and the plant looks mature and healthy enough, so should I just go ahead and pick it off and stick it on some dry wood?
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    WYSIWYG: Trident Java Fern bush $75 shipped. From a tank that has snails and cherry shrimp. Item sold.
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    I attached photos of my java fern which has a lot of brown spots, but it also seems to be growing roots at the same time? Is the plant salvageable and what should I do with the roots on the leaves? The rhizome is not buried, it is attached to a piece of wood in the back and the tank is 10...
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    I have 4 bunches of java fern For sale. Tried to trade for shrimp but no interest. $15 per portion shipped usps priority mail.
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    So I'm totally new at this so any advice and tips will be appreciated! I have a 10gal tank and I was recommended to use Flourite Black Sand. I was also recommended to start with java fern and anubias plants since they are hardy and don't need bright LED lighting. I have LED lighting but not...
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    One day shy of one month since I planted and flooded the tank. Specifics: Tank: 29 gal Substrate: Fluval Shrimp Stratum Filter: Aquaclear 50 Light:Nicrew Classic LED Plus (Full sprectrum) CO2: None PH: 6.4 Plants: Water Wisteria, Variegated Water Wisteria, Lugwigia Repens, Bolbitus...
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    Price of shipping is either $8 [small priority box] or $15 [medium priority box]. If you wish to buy multiple bundles, we can negotiate the price, this will depend on the bundle size since not everything can fit in the box. I am in need of space in my tanks. Here are the bundles / price. A. -...
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    What are some good plants (any plants) that I can attach to driftwood (also stones) in the aquarium? What I know so far is Java Fern, Anubias, and different types of mosses... would love to see some pictures :P
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    I've got a bunch of plants ready to sell. Send me a PM if interested. $10 shipping from Ohio. Anubias - $5 All below are $1 per plant Narrowleaf Java Fern Broadleaf Sag Narrowleaf Sag Dwarf Sag American Val pygmy chain swords Bacopa colorata Ludwigia repens Hygrophila compacta Blyxa AR...
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    Think a "sampler" pack - a little bit of everything to try out. - Plants come from tanks with snails. - Medium to high light. co2 is a plus. First come, first served. Blyxa Japonica (~ 7 rooted plants) Pogostemon Erectus (~ 5 rooted plants, most are branched, 2 - 4") Limnophila Aromatica (~...
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    Could someone ID these plants? I know that I have a crypt and a java fern but more exact names? Also the name of this stem plant, thnx :grin2: (Sorry, I couldn't rotate the images..)
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    I found this plant at a lfs guy and he gave it to me for free coz he dint know what it is .. could you please id it for me.. Let me know if its a true aquatic or should i toss it out of my tank I am talking about the huge green leaf plant .. and btw it looks like a rhizome plant to me as when i...
  13. Plants
    Attached is a picture of my 70 gallon tank. A bit of info before my question..... Tank is about 2 years old, Ecocomplete substrate, filtered by 2 Eheim 2217 filters, one with Purigen, which is changed out every two weeks. I EI dose with a peristaltic pump (NilocG's DIY EI Liquid Fertilizer|...
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    Wanted dwarf or smaller species of Java Fern: Microsorum Thread leaf java Fern Microsroum Mini Leaf java fern Microsorum Sp. India java fern Microsorum trident java fern
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    Here we go again! I picked up a used Fluval Chi 2 - 5 Gallon for $50 along with a bunch of extras (submersible LED strip, 50W preset heater, a piece of what looks like manzanita wood, fluval rocks, glosso root tabs, freeze dried bloodworms). I definitely should have snagged the other Chi they...
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    Hey fellas, I have had this plant for less than 2 weeks and it appears to be dying.I use ferts in my tank 2x week, including iron once a week. I use Flourish Excel daily. Is there something I am missing? Any help given will be highly appreciated. Thanks! GS
  17. Ohio
    Hi, I've got a full 38 gallon of trimmings/runners/extra plants available. Could easily scape & plant a 75 gallon. Plants include: Narrowleaf Java Fern Dwarf Sag Subwassertang Ludwigia Repens Crypt wentii Jungle Val Rotala rotundifolia Broadleaf Sag 0.50 cents a plant. Local pick...
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    Hi, I've got a full 38 gallon of trimmings/runners/extra plants available. Plants include: Narrowleaf Java Fern Dwarf Sag Subwassertang Ludwigia Repens Crypt wentii Jungle Val Rotala rotundifolia Broadleaf Sag 0.50 cents a plant. Local pick up preferred.
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    Hello Fellow Hobbyists! I have a couple of things for sale! I have a couple of shrimp packages available for sale. PRL Package - $10+1 PRL for $60 + Actual Shipping Cost Black Pintos - $9/each or 10+1 for $90 + Actual Shipping Cost These black pintos may have a single horizontal stripe...
  20. Colorado
    Large portions for $5 each. I believe it is Microsorum pteropus. Pick up only from North Colorado Springs.