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  1. Fish
    Hey everyone! I have a juvenile EBJD that seems to be really sick :( Initially I thought he had internal parasites but now I'm not sure. Could it be bacterial? It started with him swimming erratically and crashing into things violently. Then he would come out at feeding time but wouldn't eat...
  2. Fish
    Hello, So, here is the story. I have a planted peacock Cichlid tank. About a 10 days ago or so I noticed that one of my most active peacocks was being lethargic and was often hiding under rocks/driftwood. A few days later I noticed that a few other guys had a minor case of "sunken stomach". I...
  3. Fish
    For a while now I've noticed one of my balloon belly mollies being thinner than the others and sometimes swimming oddly, hanging out/swimming at the top of the water, having cloudy eyes and body on and off. Also, the other mollies as well as the one molly often have thin stringy poo. This has...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I've notice that my fish have whitish/clear poop. they have been eating alot of my plants and algae. is this normal?
1-4 of 4 Results