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  1. DIY
    Hey everyone, I'm working on setting up a standard 90 gallon tank that came with 1.5" bulkhead holes drilled in the back. I picked up a Fluval FX5 and want to utilize the holes for a nicer presentation. My question is; can I plumb a 1.5" intake tubing and 1.5" return spray bar into the tank...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have a 12 gallon long with an eheim 2213. I just stocked it with some rummynose tetras and noticed that they have trouble swimming against the flow created from the intake. Theyre constantly facing away from the area around the intake, they almost look like salmon swimming upstream. reducing...
  3. Equipment
    I have a Sun Sun 302 canister filter and i need the water level lower than what it is. I looked at many DIY canister intake and bought everything, I made the intake and it isn't working. Any advice on how I can fix this.
  4. Equipment
    Hi all, I'm ordering an Eheim 2217 canister filter as we speak, and would love a stainless steel intake, the hole-drilled kind, not the mesh kind. I've run into a few problems.. 1) All the ones I find are for small aquariums, and small filters. 2) They are expensive! 3) They are rare. So my...
  5. Equipment
    I hope someone here can help. I ran into a cyano-slime algae/bacteria issue towards the bottom/front of my tank and I decided to try to improve circulation by changing my ADA inflow pipe (Poppy Glass inflow PV-2 13D) for the Eheim intake tube that came with my filter (Eheim Classic 2213)...
  6. Equipment
    I have a 84G tank (48"x17"x24") with a FX5 filter. Is it best to have the intake/outtake on one side to create a circular motion or to put one on each side for a side for a 1 direction flow.
  7. Equipment
    I own a Eshoppes Wet Dry Filter, I am using a water pump obviously to pump water back into my aquarium. My question is, can I place my ceramic disc diffueser by the intake of the water pump and diffuse the CO2 that way? or will this not work? I have tried it but it creates tons of micro bubbles...
  8. DIY
    I should be working. Instead I'm doing this. Tell me what you think? Can it be done? Have you seen anything similar? I haven't figured out what to do for the dividing section in the spray bar. I don't remember what goodies are on the PVC fitting isle. Does anyone have any ideas for that part...
1-8 of 11 Results