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  1. Equipment
    75 gallon new build I picked up a 525gph polar vortex canister filter because I liked the power for the price. (Plan on packing it full of high end media from Seachem.) The next thing I would like to figure out is how to have an external heating system. The guy at the aquarium shop handed me a...
    One thing to note when first setting up a brand new inline diffuser is this... It is absolutely normal to find your new diffuser producing some large bubbles. This is a natural process our ceramic membrane goes through unitil all the pores on the membrane are open. This whole process may take...
    Check out this short video of our Inline diffuser being unboxed. If you have any questions about our diffuser, be sure to get in touch. If you like the video, be sure to give FPS Aquarist your support and subscribe to his new channel.
  4. Equipment
    Tank is 125 gallon High Light Fluval FX6 canister I am looking into a few systems but what stands out to me is the GLA GRO Co2 system with a 10lb tank. This is a $345 system but what stands out to me is it includes everything I need except the pH controller and I guess also an injection...
  5. Equipment
    Hey all, I have two xp3's, formally Rena, a DIY diffuser on the outlet of one filter and an inline heater on the outflow of the other. Now both of the filters are leaking when in use and I never had this problem before. What is going wrong?
  6. Equipment
    How do you know how much CO2 you're putting in to your system? With an in tank diffuser you can count the bubbles to get an idea of how much you're injecting but with an inline reactor/diffuser, you can't see anything. Do you just guesstimate it?
  7. Equipment
    Hi, sorry if this has been brought up before, im new and for the life of me cant figure out how to search the old threads. Anyway, that brings me to this.... I have a Fluval Edge 12g tank with an eheim ecco pro 200 (obviously with the flow turned down) and i am interested in getting the heater...
  8. Equipment
    Does anyone know of a inline heater that takes a 1" hose? all the ones i find seem to be 1/2 or 5/8"
  9. DIY
    hey guys, im planning on making a DIY inline heater but im not sure if PVC is aquarium safe. if any one knows where to get PVC and PVC fittings that are 100% aquarium safe, please let me know!
  10. Equipment
    hi all, i was considering a Hydor 200 ETH for my 60 gallon so i have less equipment in the tank. any thoughts? suggestions? some people say since i live in SoCal the ambient temp is pretty constant so i don't even need one. what do y'all think?
  11. DIY
    I happened to stumble upon these pumps for CPU cooling. And they look pretty sweet for a DIY filter/flow setup. They all have huge head heights, so you'll probably get a higher flow rate in actual practice than for any similarly rated regular pump. Check it out. To me, these seem to be...
  12. DIY
    I am swapping out my Marineland 350 pro for a used Filstar XP3 that I picked up cheap. Originally I had planned to pipe in the CO2 using an inline piece that I made. But I've read that CO2 has a corrosive effect and can damage the filter impeller or build up O2 in the cannister itself. Has...
1-12 of 13 Results