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  1. Fish
    So got this book today :) seems good but got a question.... Danio erythrmicron..... it describes as not a shoaling fish. Quote "See information for D.choprae, but not a schooling fish and no minimum aquarium length." Everywhere I see on the web say about keeping a group of 6+ So is...
  2. DIY
    Just wondering if anyone out there who has a 70+gal tank with DIY LEDs wants to give a newbie some help? Ok when u see D I Y try n think saving money. If im gonna go an spend $200+ on a diy set up why not just get a finnex or 2 an save on the headaches!
  3. Equipment
    I thought I would post some info about different kinds of fish tanks and fish tank designs. I have found choosing an aquarium difficult in the past just because of the huge amount of choices that are available. Basic Tank Information Most people know (even beginners) that the main materials...
  4. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I have been observing my assassin snails and have learned a few new things about them. 1. There is a way to tell the sexes apart. Females are slightly rounder and larger than the males. By round I mean, right where the snail comes out of its shell, that part of the shell is rounded. Also, the...
1-4 of 5 Results