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  1. Plants
    Hi, I’m looking at growing out some aquarium plants immersed before I add them to an aquarium I am planning to get, as it would be very expensive (for me) to buy them all. Would I be able to grow these plants without a heater or light, just in a warm spot in my room that gets sun? I’m thinking...
  2. Plants
    Does anyone have any experienced with going from emersed staurogyne repens to immersed? Recently I grew out a large portion of staurogyne repens emersed (from 3 tiny plantlets ended up with almost .5kg of s. repens). Decided to see how it will transform to immersed growth. Just curious if...
  3. Plants
    I have a ten gallon aquarium that I put play sand in. I than add just enough water that there was a thin layer of water above the sand. I then added a lot of flourish to the water and sand and mixed it up. I put a glass lid on the top and then put 2 23 watt CFL (6,5000k) above the tank. Will...
  4. Tank Journals
    Hey all! Just thought I'd overshare some pics and info on a plant i've been working with. I know i'm too excited about it, but hey, tinkering is fun! :icon_wink Recently I decided to try growing a small moss type plant that I've seen around the Northwest in wet/dark locations in my nano! Here...
  5. Plants
    I'm contemplating growing a dwarf hair grass carpet immersed at some point, and I was wondering if it would be possible to grow dwarf sag at the same time.
1-5 of 6 Results