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  1. Fish
    Hello everyone, I’m came here to ask for help to see if anyone can help me to identify if my wife’s betta has fin rot. I personally don’t think so. But, I’m asking because I’m not at expert in the subject. I took some pictures of “Evaristo” hope this can help: I will really appreciate any...
  2. Plants
    Hi All, Got the below plant from a local shop. It looked good in the pot they had and I bought it. However, I couldn't find a name on it and have no idea how to plant it. I can see a rhizome so I have tied it to driftwood as of now. Can someone help me, please?
  3. Plants
    Hi I'd really appreciate it if someone could identify my crypt. https :// https ://
  4. Algae
    Hello, I'm incredibly new to the forum, mostly because I made the account just to figure out what's going on with these cute little moss balls. I went to Montara Beach in California today, it was quite cold (60-65°F). Walking along the coastline, I kept finding these small little moss/algae...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    My driftwood has developed these white spots over the last few weeks. It starts as a white sheen on the wood and then the spots get more distinct. It rubs off, but returns. It's not on plants, glass or rocks. My tank is 600l with twice weekly 10% water change. It's been up about 6 months...
  6. Plants
    i thought it was dwarf sag
  7. Substrate
    Hi Everyone, Can anyone tell me what these small white worms and "legged skulls" are in my substrate? I guess any comments on whether they are "dangerous" to frogs are appreciated, but I just want to know what they are first. Images are the best I could do and are on Imgur. What are these...
  8. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Help! Observed this thing on my sponge filter in my Red Cherry Shrimp tank. I have never seen this before and wonder what in the hell it is? It may have hitched a ride on some moss and Java Fern I got from an outside source - it does move when shrimp touch it. It is the best picture I was able...
  9. Low Tech Forum
    I am new to aquariums (other than what my family had growing up), and I am currently cycling a 20 gallon long that is planted with a focus on low light, low temp, plants because it is to be a future axolotl tank. I use sand substrate and the rocks you see are seiryu stones glued together using...
  10. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Hello, I'm having trouble even after lots of research online, to figure out what causes the problems I see with my plants. I assume it's a deficiency of some sort. The new leaves grow transparent on the edges for the anubias, java fern, octopus. I also see transparency on a red plant, some...
  11. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Hello everyone! I've been using this site for my research for quite some time and finally decided to join in :grin2: Long story short: I got an online plant order in today and found a poor little shrimp wrapped up in the packaging!! He is a little over an inch long and is very well camouflaged...
  12. Plants
    I have 2 groups of plants in my tank (from different sellers) that were sold to me as Giant Hairgrass. Both were labeled Eleocharis Vivipara. Initially I ordered from one, decided that the tank needed more, and saw it on sale from another seller. Side by side they look nothing alike. The grass...
  13. Plants
    Please help identify :)
  14. Algae
    Hi all I’m trying to identify the furry thing growing on the leaf of a large anubias. (I think it’s an anubias - I’ve never really had plants before. Possibly a crypto?) Sorry about the photo quality - my camera just won’t focus on the leaf. It’s quite furry. It first appeared about two...
  15. Fish
    Hello, I have a planted Peacock tank and got some Cichlids from a friend. I'm wondering if this is an OB zebra or OB peacock. Unfortunately, I'm thinking its a zebra, in which case it probably won't be plant friendly and will have to go. (Nice fish, too :frown2:) Thanks!
  16. Plants
    Hi guys, I got a couple stems of this plant with my shrimp in the mail. It's since spread itself all over my tank, and it's cool but I have no idea what it is. I was thinking pearl weed perhaps?
  17. Fish
    On Monday I added 3 otos to my 20g long semi heavily planted with new plants that only had a betta (recently moved out 3 other otos to a different tank when new plants arrived for 20.. original otos are fine). I stupidly decided to not quarantine the new otos, and to put the HOB that was on my...
  18. Plants
    both tanks: inert substrate ph 7.5 gh 160s kh 70s nitrates I cannot say for sure, my tests always read far too high (tap water last year did not go above 2ppm (according to water report), nitrate test on tap always was in the red-orange (over 20ppm)) 20g long 3 otos, 1 beta, small # mts and...
  19. Plants
    Hi, I went to my local aquarium store and found this small leave-strand like light bright green plant. The owner didn't know the species name, and told me he had problems getting it to grow (it would eventually disintegrate). I have a photo of it here with some red cherry shrimp to show scale...
  20. The Lounge & Introductions
    Posting this here because these are not aquatic plants :P I want to know what the circled plants are. They're in a large planter outside a restaurant in Walla Walla, WA. Thanks for your help!
1-20 of 29 Results