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  1. Idaho
    I'm going to need to buy about 60 RCS here in about 2 weeks. Fish aquariums and stuff used to have an employee named Bo who bred them but he doesn't work there anymore :( Does anyone do inverts here in the Treasure Valley???
  2. Idaho
    Hey everyone I have plant trimmings that need to go! Don't have the time to hassle with shipping so I'm offering them locally only. There's a lot of foxtail, some bacopa both rooted and freshly cut, and some tiny tufts of dwarf hairgrass. Looks like enough to fill a one-gallon Ziploc. First to...
  3. Idaho
    I've been away from this hobby for awhile but I'm finally ready to get back into it. Because of major upheaval in my life, I had to part with all but one tank. But I now have a place to set it up at last! So I rejoined TPT, and I'm surprised that I don't find any familiar names posting. Or...
  4. Idaho
    Hi Idaho folks! The Treasure Valley Aquarium Club has been created and we welcome new members. Our page is here there is a link to our forum on the menu. Come join us!
  5. Planted Nano Tanks
    I’ve been running my two edges both for a few months now. Tank #1, which is the best established tank, has been set up and running the longest (about 4-5 months as an estimate). Tank #2 is established but not to the extent that I want it to be because of funding costs. It was set up about 4-6...
1-5 of 5 Results