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  1. Plants
    Help id this plant thank you
  2. Plants
    Need an ID on this plant looks like some type of hygrophila of some kind, it turns like a maroon and has a look of swade or velvet. Here's a pic of it in my tank. Lastly when I got it the stem was brown like a branch or twig now it's all green. It's been in my tank/tanks for a little over a year...
  3. Plants
    I need help identifying two different plants I got for free cuz they had no pkg. from a petco? One looks dead the roots are black and britle the leaves are somewhat still green but have a black tint to them, that's the second pic. The first one the plant is green with a hint of turning red like...
  4. Plants
    I managed to find these in a river within nottingham could someone please ID these. I will be treating them with potassium permanganate before i put them in my livestock tank. Plant one
1-4 of 4 Results