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  1. Fish
    I saw this friendly gray guy at my LFS, but I didn't see a label for him (he might have been a special order from another customer). Does anyone know what he is and, if applicable, the name of his color morph? I think he's some kind of cichlid. He was certainly in the cichlid section of the...
  2. Fish
    I went to my LFS today to ask about custom ordering, as I eventually want some habrosus cories for my 10gal that's currently cycling, and last time I was there, I didn't see any. After asking, I browsed, and much to my surprise--"salt and pepper" cories! But looking at them, I got kind-of...
  3. Plants
    I managed to find these in a river within nottingham could someone please ID these. I will be treating them with potassium permanganate before i put them in my livestock tank. Plant one
1-3 of 3 Results