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  1. For Sale/Trade
    I need to get ready to move, so cutting down on my aquariums... 58 Gallons tank with Oak base and custom built Oak canopy. IceCap 660 ballast and 2 T5 ends. CO2 reactor, Milwakee Ph meter, CO2 regulator, CO2 tank. Custom manifold accommodates filter inlet/outlet, Ph meter, UV sterilizer...
  2. Lighting
    Here's the ballast that came with my pendant. It works. It's the first MH I've ever seen, and it shines like the sun. Here's the 150W version from the company everyone raves about. Icecap. It's being sold HERE for about $150, I haven't looked into shipping. I want to do this right, but I...
1-2 of 2 Results