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hygroryza aristata
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    I will fill a USPS Priority mail Small Flat Rate Box for $7. At least 4 portions are available (and more growing all the time) PM me for paypal address. I have three 5 gallon buckets full. May have some duckweed/algae/snails. All plants were skimmed from this tank and have been growing out...
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    I have this plant, I love it but I am not happy with the way it keeps my tank water from circulating the surface, so I thought maybe someone else would have a better set up for it than I do. I have as of a week ago, trimmed it and cleaned up what was dying off or getting algae. Not to say that...
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    This is the top of my 10g. Need to clear some of it so the other plants get some light! You'll get about 75% of what's there. $7 shipped. Paypal. Usual snail and algae and hitchhiker and no heatpacks warning.
1-3 of 3 Results