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hygrophila pinnatifida

    Looking to buy some Hygro pinnatifida but since I'm not sure on the legality of shipping it across state lines, I'm seeking locals. Let me know!
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    Got a large batch of Myriophyllum 'guyana', Hygrophila pinnatifida, Rotala sp. green, Alternanthera reineckii, and various other plant varieties for sale. Below is the plant pack. I have multiple sets of this, so let me know if you're interested in more than 1. The below package is $18...
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    Hi, I just did another major trim of my tanks and have some dense growth of Cryptocoryne parva for sale. I'm selling the ~25 stem/bunch portions for at $18 each (includes shipping). If you want more bang for your buck, you can also add 3 of the items below for an additional $9: - Myriophyllum...
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    Just wondering if anyone had any ideas on what are good plant combos with hygrophila pinnatifida. I'm getting pretty bored of the standard hygrophila pinnatifida + blyxa japonica combo. Any ideas and pictures would be much appreciated!
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    I need as much flame moss and erect moss as I can get. I will trade either giant hairgrass submersed kleiner bar sword with good color, about ten to 12 inches tall, lots of leaves one ten inch stem of Hygrophila pinnatifida
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    Large Medium and Small (all independent plants with own healthy well-developed roots) I'm making a bunch of H. Pinnatifida I've been growing out available at lower prices than I paid to spread this beautiful plant around the hobby and help make back the small fortune I spent on acquiring...