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hydor inline heater
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  1. California
    I'm simplifying my tank and selling my filter/heater setup. The Eheim 2213 has no filter media but otherwise everything is included... various hoses, spray bar, etc. See below pics. The Hydor 200w is an inline heater that works great with the Eheim. I'm asking for $75 or best offer for...
  2. Tank Journals
    As the title says, I've been away from freshwater for 6 years and it seems like you guys have been busy. I'm starting up a new tank and want to try my hand at some basic aquascaping. Bare with me, I'm no artist. I know threads are usually more exciting when there's a complete story from start to...
  3. Equipment
    When I set up my 90 gallon fw planted community, I started out with a 300 watt Eheim Jager heater (rated for 159-264 gals). I set it for 77 degrees and my digital thermometer says that my water temp was a consistent 77.7 degrees. A few months ago, I noticed that the temp was flexuating between...
  4. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    I have a Hydor Eth 201 inline heater (fits 5/8" hoses). I purchased it new from amazon 7 months ago, and had used it for 6. My current tank setup can no longer use it, so I'm selling it. It is a very good heater. Asking $35 shipped. <sold>
  5. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    I have a marineland Canister Filter C220 and hydor inline heater up for sale for $120 together, pick up only for now until I figure out how to ship them. both are almost brand new in box with the tubing cut for the inline heater. I will not sell the heater seperately unless I can sell the...
  6. Equipment
    OK so i just set up my new tank. A 40breeder... here is the problem. i took the filters from my old 29 (2 x 2213's). Should i get rid of the 2 2213's and upgrade to something bigger or just stick with what i have and supplement the flow with a powerhead? ti looks like I'm not getting enough flow...
1-6 of 6 Results