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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I bought this heater a little more than a month ago to heat up my 2.5 gallon, but now it's been moved to my 6.6 bookshelf tank that houses my Betta and four Ghost Shrimp. It's set at 79 degrees, but I found out when I got home this evening that the water temperature was 84 degrees and the light...
  2. Equipment
    I bought a new Hydor 50W heater back in January 2012 for my 10 gallon. It it stayed on and would not cycle off, so I returned it to the LFS for an exchange. Strike 1 The replacement worked fine until now. It started to heat the tank to 82.4, even when I turn it down all the way to 71...
  3. Equipment
    Why does it say in the manual that you have to unplug the heater before putting hands in the tank? Do I really have to unplug it every time I go in there to trim something? Seems unnecessary, right?
1-3 of 4 Results