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  1. Plants
    I have never had HC before and I am soaking it in Alum to kill snails and their eggs. I find that it has bits floating all over the place. Does this happen when it is planted? I wanted to tie it to a log as is. It is in a nice sheet. Will it stay if I don't plant It stem by stem? I thought...
  2. Plants
    I've attempted HC emersed a couple times now, and every time, I run into huge issues once the tank is filled. I've had great emersed growth, filled the tank slowly enough to keep it rooted, added Eco-complete to make the substrate heavier, had the HC melt a little and grow back...and now I am...
  3. Plants
    I planted it with tweezers, they stayed for a couple of days then each little plantlet slowly floated to the top, so im left with maybe 20 out of the hundreds i planted, it doesnt seem like it is growing either. I have 96 watts over 30 gallons, and co2 injected, i dose seachem flourish and...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    So that when it grows/spreads the new plants root in the substrate too? Thanks, Scot
  5. Plants
    it keeps on floating to the top over and over again what do i do to plant this little booger of a plant? I have 96 watts of A-H supply retro kit. and Co2 injection, but this is the first time i tried HC and i would like to know at leat how to plant it then how to keep it alive.
  6. Plants
    I just received a nice patch of HC from another member. It's one 4x4" patch. I want to carpet my 5g bowfront with it, should I be planting each stem individually or what's the best way to plant this stuff? Any other tips for growing it? Thanks!
1-6 of 6 Results