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  1. Equipment
    I love my Fluval Spec V, I have two of them, but the middle of the lids have a hole where the light hovers not far above. I've never had a problem with this until today. Although I've had bettas (betta splendens) for years, today a newly acclimated betta (a wild betta/mahachai) apparently...
  2. Plants
    Can anyone provide insight onto what might be doing this damage to my swords? Primarily new leaf growth... Possibilities are rainbowfish, SAE, small population of MTS, angel fish, neon tetra, recently added small school of clown loaches (but this damage was there before the clowns were added)...
  3. Equipment
    Hello all, I have a 55 which I plan on placing 5 bulkheads in the rear glass panel. 2 inlets near the top (opposite sides), 2 outlets near the bottom (opposite sides), and one overflow in the top middle. All holes will be for 1/2" ID bulkheads. I'm not sure what the hole diameter is yet...
  4. Fish
    What is wrong with this guy? I picked up 6 ember tetras. All of them are still very pale, which I know is normal since they are still acclimating. I'm not worried about that. However one in particular has very dark insides compared to the rest. From the top view the right side has a very...
1-4 of 4 Results