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  1. Tank Journals
    My journey It has been roughly 16 years since I got my first fish tank. I was 12, and my parents finally agreed to get my first "pet". As a kid I had no real understanding of what I needed, other than the basics. My parents bought me a one of those start up kits and what I think was a 30 gallon...
  2. The Lounge & Introductions
    Hello all, I have recently got back into keeping fish, and this time around I decided I wanted to do a planted aquarium. I worked a number of years at a local Milwaukee pet store running the Fish and Reptile rooms, and I never realized how little I actually knew about the hobby until I started...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi all! I started getting into fishkeeping and planted tanks about a year ago. I'm still figuring it out but here is my 29 gallon tank I set up in the summer. It's taken me a while to sort it out and get it balanced but I think it's now nice enough to share! And it's pretty much algae free (I...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hey all. I have a question for anyone and everyone who has something to give me their 2 cents. The question is simple. I have thousands of gallons of habitable space for aquatic life. What should I do with it? Let me explain a bit. I have a: 2000 gallon above ground swimming pool that we only...
  5. Plants
    Im looking to start a new CRS tank and im wondering what to do! :fish:
  6. The Lounge & Introductions
    I'm interested what other hobbies my fellow crazy planted tankers enjoy, so figured I'd start with my other money sucking addiction - racing RC cars/trucks. I truly have a problem with this one, I currently own 14 cars. :eek5: :help: 9 are used only for racing, 4 are vintage from my childhood...
  7. The Lounge & Introductions I soldered four blue 0805 surface mount LED's to the speakers with 30 guage kynar wire and installed 5.00 m33-6 custom firmware. Any other PSP modders here?
1-7 of 7 Results