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  1. Equipment
    Hey all, I have a pretty simple question but one I am kinda lost on because I have never used sponge filters.However after giving them some further thought, they seem to be the better choice in the tank im going for. But here’s the thing: I have no idea how to measure the effectiveness of an...
  2. Equipment
    Hi everyone, You guys were awesome the last time I needed help so I figured I'd ask before went any further down the rabbit-hole again. So the consensus last time was that I'd need to do CO2 for my 29 gal tank. I've pick most of my equipment, but I didn't realize that a inline reactor (going...
  3. Equipment
    Hi, I've got a used Penguin Biowheel 200 on a 45 tall tank that I've had up and running a little less than a month now. The filter came with a 30g tank I found at goodwill and ended up not trusting, and when I set it up I noticed that the previous owner had opened the motor compartment (you...
  4. Equipment
    Hi there! I recently ordered an AquaClear 50 Power Filter HOB to supplement filtration on a 90P heavily planted tank. The HOB was very loose and did not sit properly as the tank is rimless (ADA). It leaned back towards the wall and in no form to safely operate. (1) Does anyone have this...
  5. Equipment
    I'm wondering which works better for a 29 gallon.. I would assume the Aquaclear would do better considering it can work with a tank up to 50 gallons but the Fluval 30 C2 has 5 filtering stages as opposed to the Aquaclear that only has 3. Anyone who's had experience with these filters help...
  6. Equipment
    Hi guys, so after a month waiting for my tank being made, I finally got it. What I am thinking about,as I have zero experience with hang-on filters, is this a good setup? I attached photos at link: (cant add link yet) There was a charcoal in those plastic...
  7. Equipment
    So I don't the $ to invest in canister filtration right now. I do have a HOB filter that I was hoping to somehow "convert" into something safe for a heavily planted aquarium. I know that carbon in a planted tank is a no-no because it filters out some of the nutrients that plants need, and I know...
  8. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I was planing on running most if not all my set ups with sponge filters but wanted to know if i would get the same balance of clean n clear water that i get from my HOB filter, not hazy like i see on some tanks.
  9. Equipment
    Hi, I have already two in my 29G (4mm glass). 2 Fluval C3. Quick question - can the tank hold 3 HOB? Like 2 Fluval C3 and 1 C4? Or 3 C3? They won't broke the glass by putting too much weight? Thanks
  10. Equipment
    I want to get either a 7 gallon or more likely a 4 gallon cube in the semi-near future. I'd like to find a filter (hob or canister) that will work for these small tanks (4 or 7 gallon) and have adjustable/very gentle outflow (thinking of getting a small fish that is sensitive to strong...
  11. Equipment
    Last night at three AM, the aqua clear 70 on my fifty gallon started getting louder and louder, started grinding, and when I took it all apart to try to clean it, the motor was smoking and the metal rod in the motor was bent to the side. No idea how this happened, but now I'm looking for a new...
  12. Equipment
    Hello I need to replace my marineland penguin and was thinking of getting a marineland emperor. But first I want any suggestions for a good type of power filter before I decide, I want something that is quiet and possibly have the bio-wheel or something as good/better than the bio-wheel.
  13. Equipment
    I have a 20 gallon long tank and I was wondering if I could put a mini heater in the filter itself? The filter I have is marineland bio-wheel 200. Has anyone tried this and if so what was the results? Is there any disadvantages or problems?
1-13 of 16 Results