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hillstream loach
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  1. Fish
    Hello, I recently found out that my local fish store got a shipment of hillstream loaches and since I had been interested in this species before, I immediately set to the task of setting up a suitable aquarium for their needs (high flow river type setup with high oxygenation). I was wondering...
  2. Tank Journals
    I love these guys i have been keeping them in my 29g (for those unfamiliar with me). but I have been planning in my mind for quit some time a 40breeder build for them. i've got the tank. and nearly everything else planed out except two things. number one problem is my river bed. i want...
  3. Fish
    I GOT A 65 GAL FOR CHRISTMAS, WOOT! :icon_surp Okay, squealing aside, I have some questions. If I stock the tank mostly with tiny fish such as small cories, pencilfish, and small danios, about how many can I keep? It's going to be pretty heavily planted. Can anyone reccommend some decently...
1-3 of 3 Results