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  1. Lighting
    Hi all, I want to start a new planted tank. I have experience with a low light, no CO2 20 gallon long planted tank. I used garden soil with a fine gravel cap, weekly ferts, and a Finnex Stingray fixture the size of the tank. I planted Amazon swords, anubias nana, hornwort, java fern, and rotala...
  2. Lighting
    I'm going to be setting up a 22 gallon long tank over the next week and I'm looking for a lighting arrangement that would get me to high light over the entirety of the tank. I prefer brightly lit tanks and I don't mind the additional maintenance to deal with any algae that may crop up. I'm...
  3. Plants
    Howdy, So I've just about got everything together for my new 20g, I just need some help determining what plants will thrive in my first planted scape. I splurged on the Finnex 24/7 Planted+, so lighting should be a non-issue. I am NOT running CO2 (ran out of $$) and I am using Seachem Flourite...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I just wanna why my light doesn't look like high light any more the bulbs are only 2-3 months old. I got a quad bulb T5 HO 54w ea. also have 2 T8s 32w ea. it just seems dull to me wondering if I should add some LEDs? All that over a custom 70gal tank should be high light correct?
  5. Lighting
    What would be concidered high or very high lighting for a 20gal deep? I have two 6500k bulbs on there now 20Watts ea 24" long.
  6. Lighting
    I am using my 6 bulb tek fixture i used for my reef tank on my new planted aquarium. Its t5 ho light and have been told its way overkill. so my question is if i only use 3 bulbs would that be sufficant enough for my tank?
  7. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Will 2 of these lights be sufficient for a 125 gallon heavily planted tank with pressurized c02 and dosing ferts? It comes out to 2.496WPG but I guess that measurement is pretty much useless now. Also what other ferts should I dose besides excel? I'm trying to "pimp out" my 125 gallon tank and...
  8. Lighting
    My bf and I are about to flood our tank at the end of next week. Either on the 30th of this month or the 1st of Oct. and will let it cycle for 2 weeks before adding in CRS shrimps. We have been growing emersed plants in the tank since August 1st so the ammonia/nitrate cycle should be well off as...
  9. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    1. Can Seachems Excel be used with 4-5 watts per gallon lighting? 2. How do you check co2 levels? 3. If the Excel is not enough to supply propper amounts of co2 under high lighting conditions can it be supplemented with the old 2liter bottle with yeast and sugar water? (D.Y.I. co2 system)
1-9 of 10 Results