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  1. Plants
    Hi guys, I just discovered this forum and was wondering if I could have some assistance. I recently got these plants a week prior to the photos shown below. I am not sure/ unable to identify what nutrient deficiency they are suffering from :'( Prior to making this post, I was adding a tiny...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I started my heavily planted, dirted tank about 2 weeks ago. I added some otos and some RCS which I got from petco (which is the only store within 2.5 hours), but they nearly all died. The otos developed red underneath their gills, which is characteristic of ammonia toxicity, but it has never...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    My driftwood has developed these white spots over the last few weeks. It starts as a white sheen on the wood and then the spots get more distinct. It rubs off, but returns. It's not on plants, glass or rocks. My tank is 600l with twice weekly 10% water change. It's been up about 6 months...
  4. Algae
    Do you think this is cladaphora and if so what should I do. It isn't green but it has similar structure. it is everywhere, on the wood, carpet, moss.
  5. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I've searched for an answer to these worms but haven't seen anything that looks like them yet... Anyone know what these little things are? Some of them like to ride my poor Nerite Snail :/ They don't appear to cause it any harm though. They can also be found attached to the glass. During water...
  6. Fish
    Hey everybody, I bought this pair at the LFS today and was told the large one was male and the small one female, however I just read the males shouldn't have any blue scales in their black spot, which both appear to have. They do get along great, they follow each other everywhere. Though this...
  7. Plants
    Hello! Well I have been letting my planted tank "age" for the last few reality I've left it untouched other than topping off for about 4 months. Today I did a massive clean out and water change to get ready for having shrimp and fish again. While siphoning I found some odd little...
  8. Plants
    I have been growing some HC using the dry start method, and a couple of weeks ago, I noticed this growing in my aquarium with it. I think it looks like fissidens, but I have never owned it before and wasn't sure if it was actually that small.
  9. Plants
    So I got a plant in my 20g long growing good , but I don't know what it is and it started to sprout what it looks like baby plants with roots but am not sure if they are . I will like to know what it is so I can learn more about it before I trim it to get more of it. Any help will be much...
  10. Fish
    Hello, I have a Peacock Cichlid Planted tank. I got a bunch of Cichlids from a friend and can't seem to identify 2 of them. They might be Mbuna, in which case I'll have to get rid of them(They eat my plants). Can someone Identify these?
1-10 of 11 Results