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  1. Fish
    Hi, so I’ve had this little guy for about 4 months. Up until today when I cleaned their tank he has been doing fine. Now his eyes are looking really weird and he is hovering around the top of the tank. Does anyones know what this is? How can I help him?
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have a 50 gallon planted rank and lately I've been finding dead fish in the morning when I wake up. I'm wondering if one of my fish is killing them since they don't look sick. Fish in tank: Lemon tetras Ember tetras Black skirt tetras Siamese algae eaters Glass catfish Kuhli loaches...
  3. Fish
    I just saw the blister today. It is on my female rummy nose tetra and I'm baffled. I thought it would be more efficient to ask here and to continue researching. Is it TB or neon tetra disease? She ate this morning? Tank has been established for over a year, 29 gallon with 2 hob filters, live...
  4. Fish
    Unfortunately I made an unwise decision to add a new betta with my other one. They’re both females, but this one (her name is Neb) is much smaller than I realized, and unfortunately was attacked by the other one and is now missing parts of her tail/fins. She sinks to the bottom of the tank now...
  5. New York
    So my Mollies just had some babies as of yesterday. About 22. I'll probably keep like 3, but in no way have means to care for the rest once they have grown. I'm in the Middletown, NY area and was wondering if anyone knows any local places or any one who can adopt and give good care to these...
  6. Fish
    Danios going missing! I have an 8 gallon with 4 zebra danios, 2 African dwarf frogs, and a female koi betta. somehow, 3 of my danios went missing!!! I'm pretty sure it isn't my betta, but could the frogs have eaten the danios? or other? There is no body, or remnants of any kind.
1-6 of 6 Results