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  1. is7p2t9w9j271.jpg

    High tech heavily planted 75g. Running on 2x Beamswork DA FSPEC 6500k, 5lbs co2 tank and EI dosing.
  2. Tank Journals
    Tank was set up and going for about 2 years. Low tech with easy plants, no ferts at all besides controsoil substrate and a few root tabs a month in. Had some guppies which bred a lot so I believe they helped a lot with the nutrients for the plants. Very very rarely trimmed as I was super new to...
  3. Equipment
    I'm looking at getting my 20 gal tall set back up with it main purpose to grow plants. Heavily planted with low to med light plants. I have seen people that have planted tanks with fish and no filter because the plants take care of the oxygen and the whole nitrogen cycle. The only fish I was...
  4. Aquascaping
    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share what I've come up with here. I have been a nosey kid visiting these forums now and then when in need of info or inspiration. Noting much to add at the time as there's so much knowledge here already that it blows my mind. I've been a sucker for aquascaping as...
  5. Aquascaping
    So just recently (last month) I did a big change around in my tank: I switched from traditional gravel to sand, and some tacky yet fairly realistic plants - to live ones. Basically, any comments would be appreciated thanks, tips etc :)
  6. Tank Journals
    10/2/2015 9/15/2015 7/3/2015 (initial setup) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have started the hardscaping for my 55g heavily planted tank. not heavily planted yet, just got my rocks. feedback would be...
  7. Substrate
    Should I worry about churning the sand in my tank? It's about 2 inches of inert black sand covered in Dwarf Hair Grass and Pearl Weed. Almost the entire bottom is covered in plants. Should I bother trying to add something like MTS into the tank?
  8. Fish
    If I didn't post this thread in the right spot let me know, I am pretty much new to this. Anyways I am starting a 57 Gallon planted tank. It will be semi heavily planted. The tanks dimensions are 36" long 18" wide and 21" tall. I have a Marineland c360 canister filter rated for a 100 gallon and...
  9. Low Tech Forum
    Hi all :) My first post here! But I've been lurking around the Planted Tank forums for close to 2 months now - and learned so much from all of you. So I'd like to thank you all before I start :icon_smil My Betta (Peter) has been living in his home for close to 2 months now. It's fully cycled...
  10. General Planted Tank Discussion
    How do aquascapers keep their water parameters stable in heavily planted tanks?
1-10 of 11 Results