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  1. For Sale/Trade
    I've got 2 of the premium Rapid LED heatsinks and enclosures left over from various LED projects. They are both silver 6x20 inch heatsinks with T slots for easy LED mounting and moving. Both also have fans secured to the backside with wiring. One of the heatsinks has 3 each of Red, Cyan...
  2. Lighting
    This thread is going to detail the process of converting the canopy over my 75 gallon from 2x T5HO to high output LEDs. The LEDs are going to be controlled by a bluefish mini controller and have 6 different channels. Here is a list of parts and plans so far. Will probably be a slow build over...
  3. Lighting
    I am considering the premium rapid LED heatsink or the makers heatsink and was curious if people had opinions on either? Would be getting either 2 of the 20" rapid led ones or 1 36" or 48" makers one. Both have T slots for the leds and acrylic splash guards as well as fan mounting.
    I am looking for a couple larger aluminum heatsinks to use for a led build on my 75 gallon. Looking for around 18". Also looking for spare LEDs in cyan or violet
  5. For Sale/Trade
    Ive got several heavy duty heatsinks that can handle whatever LEDS you throw at them. They are a very modular design and have bolt grooves on the side for easy hanging. They have thermal paste on them which can be scraped off. I have: 2x 16"x7"x3" (these weigh close to 10lbs) $30...
1-5 of 5 Results