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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I just purchased a new 125g and am super stoked about getting it setup! This will be my largest planted tank endeavor by far (largest truly planted tank so far is 29g). I'm planning to keep this a medium-high tech tank. No crazy high maintenance dutch style setup (I'll leave that for the...
  2. Equipment
    I have been hearing and reading about more and more heater malfunctions and am really starting to consider hooking up thermostats to all my heaters. I'm kinda unsure about which work well and whether they work with all heaters. I really don't want to spend over $50-$75 per tank and was hoping to...
  3. Fish
    Hey all, Just this morning I noticed the first signs of ich on my cardinal tetras. They had been infected two weeks previously and I attempted to treat it with ich attack (it appeared effective for a week), but it seems I may have stopped treatment to soon. My question is, can I combat the...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Anyone have experience shipping anacharis in the summer months? I have a 10 gallon bucket filled to the rim with anacharis and want to ship, but unsure if it would arrive melted/dead due to summer heat here in GA. Any advice is welcomed! Tanks :grin2:
  5. Equipment
    I am looking to get a new 50 watt heater. I noticed Elive has come out with a line of heaters, they seemed pretty nice. Anyone have any experience with the?
  6. Lighting
    I got a 6500k bulb for my Eclipse 3 so I can start growing plants in it. Unfortunately, it's a bit warm and my system is about 12 years old, so the light cover is getting a bit deformed from the heat. Should I just take it off?
  7. Lighting
    I'm thinking about having Killifish in my 30 gal, but that is going to require adding a lid to my tank. I have the canopy that came with my tank, however it's a plastic unit with a glass strip just barely wider than my light itself; as a result, when I place the light on the legs on top of the...
  8. Plants
    I think I may have discovered something about Tiger Lillies and heat. Or maybe everybody but me already knows about it. I have this tiger lilly that I have had since it was just a little bitty thing, last October. It got huge, with a dozen or so leaves as big as saucers, but it stayed low...
1-8 of 8 Results