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  1. Algae
    Question: Am I dosing with too much Excel/Thrive? Plants in sudden decline the last week after dosing daily, algae still thriving off dead plant matter. CO2: No/Low tech Tank: Fluval Spec V (5 gallons) Planted: Moderately Substrate: ADA Aquasoil Filtration: Carbon, Sponge Light: 7500K LED (on...
  2. Plants
    Hey I'm just wondering some basic things. 1. How fast do plants usually grow 2. If it's green is it healthy? Got aaron t's substrats with medium light. My plants are giant red jungle val, dwarf hairgrass, pennywort, echinodorus oriental, cryp wendtii red, and a tiger lily. Thanks for your help !
  3. Massachusetts
    Got a nice pkg of healthy plants for anyone who wants to come grab it. Not giving counts of what's in it but it will be a big ziploc with a mix of, Carolina bacopa,java moss,lindernia brownei,duckweed,ricca, n a few other fast growers as well. Pic of one tank plants are coming from. PM Me for...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I just wanna see how many aquarists have or had jumbo plants. This is my latest that came out of my custom 70gal and they were bulbs when I got em they have taken about 4 months to get this big (+or-24"). It must either be a rooted plant or have some type of roots like a rhizome I say this cuz...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Well I let the pics do tha talkin. After this stuff went out tha duckweed tool over so my tank has a bunch of it now with a little amazon frogbit. Ill have more pics soon! ; ) if you have any u want to add please do. No sale pics or posts please just as the title states (TRASH ONLY!)
1-5 of 8 Results