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  1. Fish
    Hello, the ember tetra in the attached photo seems bloated to me. Is this normal, or is it a sign of pregnancy or that it is unhealthy in some way? I feed them Hikari freeze dried bloodworms. Could this cause bloat? Most of the others seem fine.
  2. Plants
    Very new to planted tanks—this was set up a few days ago, and the tank is still cycling. The Rotala Narrow Leaf Sp. Red doesn't look healthy to me. Are there any changes I should make that you guys can tell from the photo? I can send my water parameters tomorrow as I added Seachem Prime...
  3. Ponds
    Hey all, After some consideration I thought you guys might like to check out a short video series I'll be making on a recent trip to North Carolina to participate in a Fish Health Workshop taught by Dr. Erik Johnson. The series will also include a visit to North Country Ponds, the Blue Ridge Koi...
  4. The Lounge & Introductions
    I'm planning a talk on for the local fish club on aquarium-related health issues. Wanted to see if anyone had some suggestions for me. So far I'm looking at organizing it in this way: 1) physical (electrocution, drowning, cuts/puncture wounds) 2) chemical (contact reactions, allergic...
1-4 of 6 Results