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  1. Plants
    hey guys, i want to grow some hc in my fluval edge, and I have some questions about the lighting it needs, because i know it needs high light. right now i have replaced the halogens with a cfl 40w equivalent (7w) t10 330 lumen 6500k bulb is this enough lumens, because the light isn't too...
  2. Plants
    I'm looking for somebody to sell me some HC. I know there was a thread somewhere of somebody selling HC but I do not remember where I saw it. Perhaps the thread was automatically closed. Anyways, please PM me! I will try my best to work something out. Thanks.
  3. Plants
    I am new with planting HC and so I wanted to verify the ID of this plant. When i asked the store owner what plant it is.. he said its HC. But a friend of mine said the leaves are too big to be HC. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!
1-3 of 4 Results