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  1. Fish
    I inherited these fish from a friend; I was actually with her when she bought them. But I cannot for anything remember the name of these fish. They look similar to the Harlequin Rasbora but they are all orange and much smaller.
  2. Fish
    Ok so I just rescaped my 20g long and moved it into the living room to replace my recently retired 50g reef. The GF wants more "action" on the tank so I just added 8 rummynose to my school of 9 for a new beastly school of 17. I only have a full grown 6yr old BN plec. Tank is modestly stocked...
  3. Fish
    I currently have a school of Harlequins, about 20 and I would like to add another school of fish that school just as tight as they do. I wanted something small like pygmy or dainty cories but I was wondering if there are any cories or fish in particular that stay small and school somewhat tight.
1-3 of 3 Results