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  1. Fish
    Hi I’ve recently noticed one of my 8 harlequins has been hiding under the shade from the filter. She comes out to eat and swims around when the lights off. It is a heavily planted 29g tank and i also have 4 emerald corydoras (going to get 2 more my lfs only had 4 when i got them) and a juvenile...
  2. Aquascaping
    Hello folks. Just new to this forum. Although I've been reading a lot of it in the last few years and feel like it is time to be part of the family. Thanks for having me here. English is not my first language so... my apologies in advance if I butcher some words. Nothing better than start in a...
  3. Fish
    I'm looking to use one of the choices listed above as a center school for my 95G which will be housed with 9 roselines. No mater which one I end up with, I'll be adding atleast 50, maybe more. I've chosen to go with red/orange colored fish because it's a color not seen much in my tank that's...
  4. Fish
    Hey guys I'm selling my harlequin Rasboras and was wondering how many I can put into a 5.5"x8" breather bag. The harlequins are around .75-1" Will placing some purigen inside the bag raise the quantity per bag?
  5. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Here in a few weeks I will be trying my hand at a Cherry Red Shrimp Tank. I currently have a few fish in there to balance it out with my plants. Plus who likes an empty tank. I am, however, contemplating keeping the 4 Harlequin Rasboras (may be false Harlequins, I really am not sure, bought...
1-5 of 7 Results