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  1. Fish
    15 gallon aquarium pH: 8.1 kH : 8 degrees heavily planted good filtration My harlequin rasboras, which people claim need acidic water are doing fantastic in my other aquariums. But i wasn't too sure how neon tetras would handle my water as they are not as hardy as harlequin rasboras. What do...
  2. Algae
    :help::help::help: i have a 15 gallon tank and i have 2 60W bulbs and i have had it for about 2 months, the algae was pretty good, but then in the past week it has gotten out of control, it is soft on the outside, but once you scrape that away, you get to this stuff that is like cardboard, its...
  3. Fish
    I really like Bleeding Heart Tetras, but I'm not sure if they will work for me. I tested my tap a few days ago and the pH is 7.4, KH is 8, Gh is 7. Would they be okay in these conditions? Could I put a small school in a 10g tank? Would they work with a school of Tiger Barbs in a 55g?
1-3 of 3 Results