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  1. Plants
    Hi, I'm new to having dwarf hairgrass in a tank, and I've noticed that some of it in my 20gal NPT is melting. The only thing I can think of is that the floating plants (frogbit) are blocking too much light? I truly don't have much experience with the plant. Thanks!
  2. Plants
    Hello everyone, I just got back to the hobby and the forum, glad to be back! I'm setting up a new small tank( 20 gal Long) and I would like to include a carpet of the smallest hairgrass available, or the smallest that would do best in my setup. First, some of my tank's specs to put things in...
  3. Lighting
    I came across a free 2.5 gallon and I want to grow hair grass in it. I have a small LED Nat Geo light for it that gives you the option of moonlight or white light or both. I'm almost positive that's not enough to carpet dwarf hair grass so I'm looking for a cheap upgrade. I bought a 10 watt...
  4. Plants
    I purchased two pots of Giant Hairgrass for my 29 gallon aquarium about a month ago. The store I got them from assured me that they were low-light plants and would grow fine for me and I trusted him even though I had read on this forum that they were medium light plants. I wanted something...
  5. Plants
    Hi, I bought some hair grass online and co2 equipment but to my surprise the co2 stuff has been delayed by 10 days how long can hair grass survive without it Oh and I have flourish excel can I use it instead of the co2 (forever) and never have to use co2 again...
  6. Plants
    hey i grabbed a pot of hairgrass a few months ago and it hasn't really done anything in my tank.i probaby mishandled it when i planted it, i tried to get all the stone wool off of it and pulled it apart into smaller clumps kind of but i didn't think i broke it too much. my tank is soil base...
  7. Illinois
    I've been on the hunt for a while now for some carpet plants like Dwarf Hair Grass or maybe some H.C. I'm in the Kankakee area (60 miles south of Chicago) if anybody can point me in the right direction or has some to sell locally I'd greatly appreciate it. :)
  8. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi guys. I have a 30 gallon breeder tank that has 3 types of foreground plants. The echinodorus tenellus (micro sword) and the lilaeopsis seem to be growing in well together mixed, so I let them run amok with each other but i cleared a space in the middle to make room for dwarf hairgrass to grow...
1-8 of 10 Results