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    Hey guys, so this is my corydoras habrosus tank with 8 of them. Babies no adults as of yet. Sort of also the spawning tank right now. As this tank is the only tank I have in the house thats cycled for about a year with no other fish. 20L is being cycled. But in the mean time enjoy. Sorry for the...
  2. Fish
    Hi, I,ve set up a no co2 low light tank with lots of ferns and sand as a subtrate, i think it would be a nice pygmy cory tank. Except for the water parameters.. kH: 8 gH: 8 pH: 8 Anybody out there with experience in keeping this kind of corydoras in this kind of conditions?? Click for...
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    I'm looking to buy Smaller portions of all the above, Flame moss, Micro Sword, Cabomba "red" and Vesuvius (like this ) Also, I am verrry interested in 2-3 (don't have to be sexed) Dwarf...
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    I'm interested in buying some cory cats, ~15 of either corydoras habrosus or hastatus, and also a sexed breeding pair of CPOs. I'm located in Boston, and would prefer local, if possible. Thanks!
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    Hi, I would like to buy some pygmy Corydoras from a breeder. Most of the people on Aquabid are selling them for way too much. I have 5 right now, but am pretty sure that I will need around 12 more to get them to do their awesome Shoaling that I want soooo badly. If you can help me please PM me...
1-5 of 5 Results