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  1. Tank Journals
    I've been keeping fish for over a decade now. I currently have two freshwater tanks and a 60 gallon saltwater system. Got the itch to turn the 20 gallon into a planted tank recently and this is what I came up with. Plants: Anubias myrio some kind of sword? red root Livestock: Male and Female...
  2. Fish
    So this guppies top fin (idk correct term) is turning slightly black. I don’t know the cause and I’m not sure what to do. Both the top and bottom of the tail and the majority of the top fin. What should I do? Thanks.
  3. Fish
    Hi, I am trying to decide if I want to get Tiger Endlers and guppies or just the guppies or vice versa. The determining factor is if they well school/swim together or not. Any one who knows advice welcome. Thanks
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi, one of my female guppies has been showing signs of Gill Flukes or a similar parasite (eg: scratching on gravel, erratic behaviour) I'm planning on giving her a dose of Methyl Blue to treat the problem but I'm worried about the rest of my tank (a 30gal, with 2 adult female guppies and a few...
  5. Fish
    I’ve got two guppies I need to be ID’d as the guy at my LFS gave a description, but I want to know what you think on this forum “Cross between a Moscow and a snakeskin” Male The next one, all I got was that is was a female, super colorful though Need for ID is not urgent, I’m just curious
  6. Tank Journals
    New to the planted tank world and looking for some general help. I kept saltwater reef tanks for years, recently went on vacation and everything went wrong lost all the coral and fish. Since I was starting new, I decided to try out the freshwater planted tank world. I have always loved the look...
  7. Fish
    I got 4 male guppys and had them in quarantine for a week. They ate everything I gave them, colored up nicely and are very active. I put them in my 5 gallon tank last night which already had 2 amano shrimp and 3 nerite snails. They had a couple hours to explore the tank and eat some algae before...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Ok, folks. My introduction to this forum may end up getting me promptly kicked off this forum, but here goes. I'm here because I got a guppy by accident two days ago. I teach introductory environmental science to non-science majors, and in our unit on nutrient cycling I have my students set...
  9. Fish
    Hi New to the hubby. When I started my tank I bought 4 guppies and it seems they are dying of the same cause, but one at a time (with nearly a month in between). The only change in fish I can explain is: My guppies are black. If you look closely at the healthy guppy's eyes some kind of white...
  10. Fish
    Hello, I am new here and while I have kept fish (African cichlids) in aquariums in the past I was hoping to start a new project, a paludarium. I have done some research on them and I am hoping to keep one that is relatively self sustaining, for example I was hoping to keep the prey for the...
  11. Fish
    Hello, I have guppies and one in particular is huge and she's been this way for months. Is there a way to know exactly when she's about to have the fry? Or is there a way to somehow induce this poor fish? Thanks!
  12. New Member Introductions
    So I have had my heavily planted tank for a month or two. The tank is 40 litres and the water quality is fine (i even went to the pet store to get a second opinion and they said it was perfect). Firstly, i had 6 guppies which ALL pasted away from swimming side ways and slowly sinking to the...
  13. Algae
    I live in Daytona FL so my weather is quite mild. I have a 35 gallon heavily planted pond with a solar fountain and a 100 gallon per hour spouter, so it is quite circulated. I have a small group of fancy guppies and fry in the pond but the dragonfly nymphs are keeping the population low. I also...
  14. General Planted Tank Discussion
    alright so i ordered a diy co2 kit (d501) and was wondering a few things. Lets say i have a 36 gallon tank i want to fill it with plants and also have at least 15 guppys how much can i crank the co2 before fish start getting affected and what all do i need to keep an eye on what test kits...
  15. Photography
    I brought 1 fair guppy(German Yellow tuxedo High dosal Big tail) 2 months ago. These pictures are taken few days ago.
  16. New Jersey
    Anyone have or know anywhere that has endler's livebearers? I can pay or trade for them and even if anyone or a place has fry that would be great as well!
1-18 of 36 Results