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  1. Fish
    Hi, I am trying to decide if I want to get Tiger Endlers and guppies or just the guppies or vice versa. The determining factor is if they well school/swim together or not. Any one who knows advice welcome. Thanks
  2. For Sale/Trade
    Hello, everyone who might be reading this! I have a TON of guppies that I'm trying to clear out, as I'm HELLA overstocked in my small 10G planted aquarium. I seem to have an endless amount of them, and if anybody is willing to take some of my hands, I'm only asking $1.50 per guppy, no matter the...
  3. Equipment
    I don't know what to do!!! My guppy tank started leaking out of nowhere and I don't want to get rid of the beneficial bacteria that has developed over the past 2 months! I don't want to wake up in 4 hours and see that all my guppies are dead! Please, need solutions or suggestions ASAP!
  4. Fish
    I have a 10 gallon tank that has been running since February 2020. We started out with 2 Leopard Guppy males. They have been our sole inhabitants for all this time. I am diligent with water testing and changes. All levels are standard and the tank has been very healthy. Temp and chemistry...
  5. Fish
    hello, I don't know much about fish, i do know that most will eat nematodes as well as maybe copepods but particularly nemarodes or white worms, but can you suggest me a fish species which are small that aggressively eat them of the glass, from the water column etc, considering rasbora,sparkling...
  6. California
    Looking for aquarists in Riverside Co, CA
  7. Tank Journals
    gonna try this out... Guppy Tank (5.5gal) 1/24/20 Initial setup of Guppy Tank. Started out with 6 guppies (3 male, 3 female); potted dwarf hair grass; potted glossostigma. 1/26/20 Planted dwarf hair grass into substrate. Introduced 2 more guppies (1 male, 1 female) for a total of 8...
  8. Tank Journals
    New to the planted tank world and looking for some general help. I kept saltwater reef tanks for years, recently went on vacation and everything went wrong lost all the coral and fish. Since I was starting new, I decided to try out the freshwater planted tank world. I have always loved the look...
  9. Fish
    Hello, I am new here and while I have kept fish (African cichlids) in aquariums in the past I was hoping to start a new project, a paludarium. I have done some research on them and I am hoping to keep one that is relatively self sustaining, for example I was hoping to keep the prey for the...
  10. Fish
    Will a True Upside Down Catfish eat: - Full Grown (2") Guppies? - Medium (1") Guppies? - smol fry (less than a cm)? What Catfish/Sharks would go best with guppies? If any.
  11. Fish
    Hello, I have guppies and one in particular is huge and she's been this way for months. Is there a way to know exactly when she's about to have the fry? Or is there a way to somehow induce this poor fish? Thanks!
  12. Fish
    A lot of my guppies are scraping against rocks for some time:icon_sad:. Is anything wrong with my guppies? Bump: Woops! i added some stress coat and now its ok :):smile: Woops! I added some stress coat and now its ok :):smile:
  13. Tank Journals
    I am of the belief that a 100% real tank creates a better ecosystem for many reasons. That is why every tank I create is stocked with 100% real items. No polyresin, plastic, cement, etc. Thought, this is the first time I have used driftwood. This aquarium is a 75 gallon with: Equipment 1x...
  14. WTB/RAOK
    I'm starting my first planted tank. I built and sealed it myself, and I'm giddy about getting it up and running. I've never done a proper planted tank before now, so I'm scared. I don't want to stock it with ghost shrimp from the LFS because honestly those things are so sick I could probably...
  15. Algae
    I live in Daytona FL so my weather is quite mild. I have a 35 gallon heavily planted pond with a solar fountain and a 100 gallon per hour spouter, so it is quite circulated. I have a small group of fancy guppies and fry in the pond but the dragonfly nymphs are keeping the population low. I also...
  16. For Sale/Trade
    I need to shut down my tanks for now b/c I am traveling most weekends to Brandon to support my 89 year old aunt. So, can you provide a good home for my collection of fish--neon tetras, black neons, black etras, serpae tetras, pair of blue gouramis, and about 50 fancy guppies? $50 for all, local...
  17. Virginia
    Hi, I am moving this year soon and need to rehome my 6 (i think) male guppies. They are about 8 month to a year old and have beautiful colors. 4 of them are fantail guppies with dark blue to orange hues. They feature a big fantail that most common petstore don't have (due to them being housed...
  18. For Sale/Trade
    I have a male and a female convict cichlid that i need to get rid of. I also have 20 or so guppies im trying to get rid of too. If you are interested in anything please send a private message and we will discuss shipping details.
  19. Fish
    Hi guys It's been over a month since my tank was set up and fish put in. I have a 36 Gallon Bowfront Tank Running Aqueon 30 Quietflow Filter with stock filter options stock heater set to 78 F Fluval 206 Canister filter filled solely with Biomax media I have 4 java ferns, 4 Amazon swords, 3...
  20. Fish
    Hello so I'm new to planted tanks and this just started happening just yesterday in my tank is a 29g planted and the last water change was on the second of this month i have 5 guppies and one angelfish, okay so the thing is that just yesterday I found one of my guppies died and nothing looked...
1-20 of 52 Results