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grindal worms
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    Buy multiple items to get extra discounts, the more you buy the more you save! Have any questions? Feel free to ask ^^ *NEW*WATER SPRITE 24 stems water sprite various lengths, wysisyg $12 shipped ANUBIAS NANA PETITE Shipping is $7 for small flat rate box usps. Can combine shipping with other...
    Hello, TPT and members! Looking for a little culture to get me started. Please let me know your prices! Mite-free, fruitfly-free, soil-less culture would be cool, but if not, that's fine.. Thanks!
  3. Fish
    [edit] Ok new question: pH.. mainly of water used in soil or soil-less grindal worm cultures... what pH of water do you use to initially moisten substrate/cocofiber/soil/pads and for misting substrate and food? [/end edit] I'm currently taking care of a black worm culture which I'm a bit sick...
    I'm looking for a bunch of scuds, daphnia, worms, etc. to start a live fish food farm with. I had a bunch living in one of my tanks, but my guppies wiped out the population after a few months. Let me know what you have!
    I'd like to pay no more than $10, willing to negotiate though, PM if you have an offer on any of the three. I'd especially like some scuds or Grindal worms :] Thanks!
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    Tonina fluviatilis 4"+ 5 for $10 Purple bamboo 3"+ 4 for $10 Picture is borrowed from APC. My camera isn't working Ranunculus inundatus medium to large 10 nodes for $5 Here is my carpet of it. Such an amazing plant Lindernia sp.'India' 4"+ 5 for $6 Under the right conditions, it gives off...
1-6 of 6 Results