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  1. Fish
    Hi guys! I have 5 Celestial Peral Danios (galaxy rasboras), and I am pretty sure that 3 are male and 2 are female, but I am not sure. I have labeled the fish (some appear more than once) so it's easier for yall to help me figure out which are males and which are females. I am pretty sure...
  2. Fish
    Hello, about a week ago I added a male pearl gourami to the tank of my female and for some reason did not consider they would breed. Now, she is gravid, and I don't have the accommodations to care for the fry. If I remove her from the tank, will she reabsorb the eggs? Would a local chain store...
  3. Fish
    Hi all, I have 6 buenos aires tetra's in a 110 gal community tank. One of the 6 is started to look "bloated" and I wanted to know if she was becoming gravid or bloated.:help: These are as good as I could get tonight will try again later if needed.
1-3 of 3 Results