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  1. Equipment
    Been a lurker for a while now, and still consider myself a noob for the most part. I had a 55g planted "super budget" tank 20 or so years ago and relocation made me sell. Angels, Blue Rams, few other bits and bobs in there. Basically, I'm looking to get back into the hobby with just ONE tank...
  2. Fish
    Hey guys, This is actually my first post on the forum! I have been lurking for months and the tank you can see in the attached pictures was built using advice I have read on this forum! THANK YOU!! :proud: It first planted tank is going pretty well and is now fully stocked, however I failed to...
  3. Fish
    I bought two Dwarf Gouramis A couple of days ago and the male(Gold) wont stop chasing the female(Opaline). I have a little tank to quarantine the male if I have too but would really like to avoid it. Also is there any way to make the male build a bubble nest because the guy at my LFS said she...
  4. Fish
    I was hoping for some experienced opinions on a couple questions: I like the look of both the gold and the wild-type white cloud mountain minnows, and I was wondering how they do together, or if it should be avoided. Mostly, would the two types school together in one big shoal, or would they...
  5. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    With more to come next week :) I bought one to see just how they looked in person, I love how they look like creamsicles! They're going in the pickle jar :)
1-5 of 5 Results