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  1. Fish
    As the title says, I am loving the dwarf gobies and i am considering either palauan rifle goby (Stiphodon Peleweni) or taiwanese micro goby (Schismatogobius Ampluvinculus) with spotted blue eye rainbow (Pseudomugil Gertrudae) or red dwarf neon rainbows(Pseudomugil Luminatus). My local LFS...
  2. Fish
    Feel free to comment on anything special. So far there are 6 Desert gobies in the tank. The adult male that just arrived last week, has moved out of the way of the "usual zone", and is now under a good rock with eggs. Previously we've kept angel fish, and understand these eggs are going to...
  3. Fish
    A trip to my LFS resulted in me picking up three of these little guys, identified only as Swamp Gobies. The LFS owner told me they came in accidentally with a shipment of glass shrimp caught in Florida, and that they seem to eat live blackworms. They have very tiny mouths for gobies, and...
  4. Fish
    My cousin gave three because they were too aggressive in his tank. I'm not sure what kind of goby it is, but my best bet is r. wui. My pics do no justice (iphone 4 quality, bad with phones). One quickly died, one I can tell was fat with eggs, and one showing a lot of color (male). I have had...
    Updated: 1. Stiphodon percnopterygionus (Sweet Dwarf Goby) 2. Pogostemon Erectus 3. Red-Lipped Nerite Please PM me if you have an offer.
  6. Fish
    My bumblebee gobies have lost their brilliant yellow color over the last couple weeks since I bought them and one of them is now see-through (ie clear) where its yellow bands used to be and I'm not sure why. They are the freshwater tolerant variety and I am keeping them in a freshwater tank...
  7. Fish
    I got a paired of puffer fish and bumblebee goby & I've try feeding them everything possible but they are very picky eater. The only thing I've had success with, is brine shrimp; but they are too much work, expensive & died easily. My question is... what other alternative live culture foods...
  8. Aquascaping
    My 29 Biocube saltwater setup looks halfway nice to me, but I think it needs some tweaking. I walked by a bead shop the other day, and it gave me an idea. That idea is, I'll get a small, old-fashioned wooden chest, bang a couple of holes in the sides, and coat it in some kind of acrylic. Then...
  9. For Sale/Trade
    I just got two pairs of Red lip gobies. They are very cut and active. But I thought they were algea eaters like blue neon gobies. Now I can't keep them in my tank with my shrimps. $40/pair I live in Malden, MA. 02148 They will be like this after a few day to adapt to your tank.
  10. Fish
    I was at an aquarium the other day and they had some gobies in their microfish tank that I had never heard of before, and couldn't find any information on. Unfortunately I've forgotten what the store called them, but they were about the length of the scarlet badis' that were in the tank with...
  11. Fish
    I noticed recently that my Gudgeons decided to lay eggs in a really strange spot in my tank. Not sure what to do now in order to save them. I have another smaller tank to raise them in, but once they hatch, I don't think I will be able to find them. Plus, my other fish are likely to eat them. Is...
  12. Fish
    What can all of you hobbyists out there tell me about the "Cobalt Blue Goby" (Stiphodon semoni) and the "Elegant Algae Eating Goby" ( Stiphodon elegans)?
1-12 of 13 Results